The list that is referenced here no longer exists - Error


  • I am trying to create a Data View Web Part on a page under a Sub Site using Sharepoint Designer. The Data Web Part must display a set of documents from a Document Library that exists in Top level Site.

    I took the following steps.

    1. Insert Data View Web Part

    2. 'Connect to another library ....' and pointed to the Top Level Site.

    3. Under 'Data Source Library' -> Top Level Site, selected 'Shared Documents' library and clicked on 'Show Data'.

    4. Under 'Data Source Details', added the column 'Name' to the Data View Web Part.

    5. All the files and folders part of 'Shared Documents' showed up in the 'Data View Web Part'.

    6.  Now under 'Common Data View Tasks', if I try 'Filter' or 'Sort and Group' options, I am getting error message 'The list that is referenced here no longer exists'.

    If I ignore the error and proceed with setting up a 'Filter', I am not getting any results if I set 'Path' filter value to a 'Folder' within 'Document Library' (This feature works fine if the data source is from the same site). I tried few other filter options and they work fine.

    I am not sure how to resolve this error. Are there limitations to DVWP options when connecting to a List/Library existing in a different site (than the page with DVWP) under the same site collection ?


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