Error while form opening if it is created from SharePoint Designer


  • HI

    I have 3 InfoPath Forms [A,X and Y]

    I have successfully published these forms on SharePoint site, and i am able to create and view these Forms individually On Browser.

    Now i want that when user selects a certain option on [Form A] then either [Form X] or [Form Y ]will be created automatically with certain column values populated from [Form A].

     i have achieved this by creating a SharePoint Designer workflow for my Parent Form , and upon option selection i have used "Create List Item" Action to create forms automatically.

    Now these automatically created forms start appearing in Form Library BUT do not open in browser, showing "Form has been closed " or "the form is not browser enabled"

    however i can view  these forms on browser if i create them using "NEW" option on respective Form Library.

    please assist.


    Sarfraz Ahmed

    Friday, March 20, 2009 10:45 AM


  • For anyone out there having trouble with this issue, I have run across (I think) the same thing a few times now, and the problem seems to be how the files are created.  If you check the URL of the forms in question, they should have an extension of '.xml', but forms created this way often show up as '.xsn'.  The workaround is to replace the default '.xsn' form template with an empty '.xml' form, as documented here.

    NOTE: You must disable all required fields to create the empty form, but when you re-upload the form with the required fields enabled, it will automatically remove your template.  Thus, every time you change your form, you will need to repeat this procedure (and save the new template to upload AFTER you have re-enabled your required fields).

    Wednesday, July 31, 2013 4:18 PM