work flow email to multiple recipients listed in different fields RRS feed

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  • I have a list which I need to attach a workflow to send emails to multiple recipients.

    There are three different fields on the form where recipients are selected to receive an email requesting updates.  These recipients can change each time.  In one field there is only ever one recipient and in the other two fields it can be multiple recipients.  The form is set up so in these fields 'people' can be chosen from 'All Users'  and the 'Allow multiple values' ticked in the two field where multiple recipients may be required.

    I have set up an action to send email and in the To box of the email used 'work flow lookup for a user' then current item and the particular field where the person selection is made.

    Emails are sent to one person but never to multiple users where multiples have been selected.

    I have tried setting up a workflow variable named email list as a string and used this in the To box but t his doesn't work either.

    How can I set up a work flow to send emails to variable recipients and multiple recipients based on who is chosen in three different fields within the list

    Monday, January 18, 2016 3:52 PM