Display rdl report from Sharepoint site into .Net web application


  • Hi all,

     I have developed a report in ssrs(.rdl) and deployed it to a sharepoint site, i am able to view that report in sharepoint site.

    But i want to display the same report in a .net web appliaction, i have used microsoft report viewer and trying configuring it

    with reportserver URL as: sharepoint site link,

           reportpath as: folder path of the report  in Sharepoint site where i a have deployed 

    Then once i run app. report is not coming and it is giving error.

    But here i am using report deployed in sharepoint site is it possible to view the report(.rdl) in .net application

    which is deployed in  sharepoint website.

    Please suggest with possible solutions or any ideas.


    Thursday, April 05, 2012 5:26 AM