Workflow > Send an mail > _SPOCacheRead; _SPOCacheFull


  • I have a workflow who needs to send update (as an alert) to those users having read access only. My list has unique permissions for each item and I need to make sure that only those who have access to the item get the email. As of now I send the item to everyone, which means that those who don't have access will receive an "Access Denied" - which isn't a good User Experience.

    Looking through the items of whom to send to I found two properties _SPOCacheRead and _SPOCacheFull. My guess was that these properties would make the email to be sent to thos who had read access and full access respectively. While testing on my Sharepoint Online E3 subscription plan, this isn't the case.

    What does the _SPOCacheRead and _SPOCacheFull do, and how do I send email to only those with at least read access?


    Monday, August 25, 2014 9:56 AM