Concatenate Dates & Lookups


  • I'm building a work assignment trading system with Sharepoint. I have two lists: Available Shifts, and Shift Trade Request. When creating a new item in Shift Trade Request I want to have a lookup to identify the ____ being requested (from the Available Shifts list). The Available Shifts list doesn't have a string of text in the title field that would work well. I wanted to concatenate a Date field and a Lookup field in Available shifts. For example the field would be 9/7/2009 - Route 5. Route 5 is a lookup field from a third list called Routes. The issue I'm having is Sharepoint won't let me concatenate a lookup field in a formula, and date fields get returned as a number instead of a date.

    How do I concatenate these fields, or what would be another suitable workaround?
    Thursday, July 09, 2009 7:16 PM


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