How to update copy of SharePoint 2013 Azure Workflow


  • I have created a test Azure Workflow Manager 1.0 Workflow on a SharePoint 2013 List in VS 2012. This workflow just writes a message to Workflow History List. I deployed the Workflow and it is working fine.

    Then I changed the message I was printing to Workflow History List and re-deployed the workflow but workflow is still printing the old message. So far I have tried following options but no success so far:

    1. Clean, Rebuild and re-deployed.

    2. Deleted and Recreated the list before re-deploying.

    3. Deleted and re-created the workflow association with the list.

    4. restarted IIS

    Not sure why Azure Workflow Manager or SharePoint is maintaiing the old copy of Workflow.

    Monday, December 24, 2012 6:07 PM

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