sharepoint 2013 loop & parrallel step


  • Anyone have try parallel step within loop? I create a main list workflow. In this main one, I use call web service activity to a sublist to get set of item base on my query. Depend on number of sublist item return, let say 4. I loop 4 time to start approval workflow on this sublist item (using Action: Start a List Workflow). My problem is I want all 4 approval workflow to run parallel instead of one by one. There is a Wait property that will force the loop to by pass the wait and start all 4 workflow ,but  the main workflow will not be able to keep track of the 4 sub approval workflow.  If I someway can do dynamic parallel step, then it solve my problem. Anyone have suggestion?

    Monday, November 04, 2013 11:58 PM

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