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  • Hello- BRAND NEW to VS. 

    I have a simple form built to collect data. First name, last name, phone number ect. I want to take the user input and when you click the generate button it spits out the data in a specific format that includes additional wording. Sort of like the manual version of citationmachine. 

    Here is a very simple example of what I am trying to accomplish. The three text input fields are captured. After clicking a button, a sentence is created that has data that doesn't change (the words  "The" and "went").  

    Any assistance will be appreciated!! 

    Input 1 Blue
    Input 2 Cat
    Input 3 Home
    The Blue Cat went Home
    The ( Blue ) ( Cat ) went ( Home ).
    The (______) (______) went (_______) .

    Monday, October 19, 2020 5:05 PM

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