SharePoint 2013 - JavaScript application (not on the SharePoint server) to display all items from a SharePoint list, claims based (AD FS) authentication only RRS feed

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  • I am tasked with developing a proof of concept JavaScript application which will be hosted off of the SharePoint server but within the same domain as the SharePoint 2013 servers. SharePoint is using claims based authentication from an AD FS (version 3.0) server only since Azure AD cloud only accounts and other federated (with AD FS) accounts are used. All of this is on premises in Azure IaaS (no SharePoint Online in use). I have been able to find JSOM code examples that seem to be what I am looking for as I would like all the activity to occur on the client side in this JavaScript application. I would also like to leverage the user's FedAuth token to make the calls as the user, since I want the results to come back already security trimmed. However, I can't seem to find any authentication examples that work to authenticate to either SharePoint or AD FS so when I make the JSOM calls they just don't function. Nor can I locate any examples of how to send the FedAuth token in the browser with the calls to the SharePoint server (as my users will already be signed into SharePoint before they get to my proof of concept application anyway, so the browser should already have the FedAuth token). Does anyone know of any good references for this type of scenario or anything that would help me get started doing this proof of concept JavaScript application? Thanks in advance!
    Saturday, July 8, 2017 6:29 AM

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