Use VBA (Excel) to pass a parameter to SSRS report


  • I want to itterate through an Excel column and use the value in each cell as a parameter to be passed into an SSRS report.  I can hancle the vba code to manage the looping but need to understand how to use the cell value to call SSRS.  In addition, I want to create the report as a PDF file and save it to a folder on a network share or my hard drive.  I do not need the report to be rendered to the screen.  Just create and save to a file.  Each file must have a unique name where the parameter passed is the portionof the name that makes it unique.  Any ideas on how this could be done?  Example code for calling SSRS and saving the file as a PDF would be appreciated.


    Robert Stroud
    Monday, October 17, 2011 1:37 PM