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  • Is it possible to specify that a timer job only run once per quarter?  Actually, let me back up and state the requirement - Perhaps there is a more efficient way to achieve this than a timer job:

    Background - A custom list exists which contains a calculated column.  The calculated column tracks the aging of the list item by doing a simple calculation based off of the Created date.  Once the aging reaches a certain level, an action is performed within SP.

    Challenge - The developer who created this "aging" process did not realize that calculated columns do not automatically refresh unless the item has been modified.  Let's say that the Calculated column is something like =[Today] - [Created] (I am using [Today] for simplicities sake for this post - I know you cannot directly compare to [Today] in a calculated column).  So if the record were created today, then the aging would be zero.  If I updated something in the record tomorrow, then the field would recalculate and the aging would become 1.

    Requirement - Develop a process which runs automatically once a quarter to force these calculated columns to refresh.  A separate quarterly process is automatically triggered once the aging hits a certain level. 

    Ideas?  My first thought was to write a simple Timer Job but I'm not sure how I could specify it to only run once a quarter. 

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  • I'm not sure if this would work, but you might be able to try a nested approach. You could schedule the timer job with a "run once" schedule, and manually kick it off the first time. Then, when the timer job executes, it actually schedules the next "run once" time for itself to be three months from now.

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