Is it possible for a workflow to look up email address for notification email? (SP 2013 Foundation) RRS feed

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  • Hello- I'm a novice SP Designer user (my first day!) and do not have an IT/technical background.  I figured out how to build simple workflows in SP Designer, where an email is generated based on the task status changing.  Some steps in my process are very simple.  For example, every time a report status is changed to "ready to be reviewed", an email notification goes to the Report Manager. 

    However, once the Report Manager knows a report is ready, s/he must assign it to an individual Reviewer from a list of possible reviewers (all reviewers have been added to the SP site so they can have emails sent to them).  One field in the task list is "assigned to", where the Report Manager enters the appropriate Reviewer's email address when assigning the report for review. 

    I set the workflow variables so that if the task status = "review assigned", it should trigger another email.  For the "to" field I chose 'workflow lookup for user' and then tried the following settings:

    1. Data source: current item

    2. Field source: assigned to

    3. Return field as: email address

    When I first tried to publish this workflow, I get a message that says there's an error, but doesn't specify what the error is.  A bunch of tries later, it accepted it for some reason (no error message)... but it didn't execute when I tested it.  Any ideas or suggestions?

    Thanks in advance!

    Wednesday, October 26, 2016 9:00 PM


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