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    Current Status - SharePoint 2013 with SP1 (15.0.4571.1502) and recently installed SP Workflow 2013 

    I have a workflow1 on list A that creates/updates an item on list B. I have another workflow2 on list B which updates some fields in current Item and updated child items.(List B has Document Sets)

    When i directly update the List B Item, the workflow2 is triggered and updates fields and  child items.

    Current Problem is when i updated  item in List A, workflow1 is triggered and item in List B gets updated, But the List B workflow is not triggered.

    Apparently this is a known issue with SP1 and a hotfix is released on May 7th,2014 (

    • Assume that you create a list workflow on list A that creates an item on list B. Then, you create another list workflow on list B. When you create an item on list A and start the workflow for the list, list B is not triggered as expected.

    This update requires a Prerequisite as per kb2878240

    "You must install the following public update before you apply this cumulative update package:
    2767999 Description of the SharePoint Server 2013 update: March 12, 2013"

    Which i believe was included in the SP1 as per Microsoft SP1 "includes all cumulative updates through December 2013 and public updates through February 2014".( SharePoint Server 2013 Service Pack 1 Details).

    This did not fix the issue

    Another user suggested installing update 2880963 released on May 13,2014 will fix the issues


    But even this did not fix.

    Any guidance Please....


    Manoj Manda

    Manoj Manda

    Tuesday, July 14, 2015 2:39 PM


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