Auto-Calculation in Outlook 2003 Custom Forms


  • Hello. I am attempting to create my first-ever custom form in Outlook 2003 without VB. I have most of my fields working correctly/ sending and receiving fine. However, I am still battling two problems:

    (1) I am trying to format a "formula" field to calculate the difference in time between two fields (in other words, if Field1 = 7:00 AM and Field2 = 8:00 AM, I want the formula field to display "1 hour" or "1:0" or "60 minutes" --- anything really). However, none of my formulas are working.

    My current formula reads: Time Value ([Field2]) - Time Value ([Field1]).  (Field type = formula, Property = value)

    What am I doing incorrectly???

    (2) Secondly, I have created a combination field as the "subject" line. It links a date field, a drop-down text field and a constant text ("k"). Currently, however, my date field is being displayed (only in the subject, not in the actual field) as a date and time. What, if anything, can I do to remedy this? 

     Please let me know if you have any solutions. I am very much a self-taught beginner and appreciate any input. Thanks!

    Wednesday, February 27, 2013 1:37 PM