How to set Alert on Item level in Document library in Sharepoint 2007 using the object model?


  • Hi Friends,

    How i can set the alert on item level in custom list and Document library in Sharepoint 2007?



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  • Hi,

     In a list or document library , click on the drop down of item under "Title" column and choose "Alert me" option. This will take you to another page where you can customize the message and do related stuff.


    Wednesday, July 07, 2010 7:46 AM
  • Hi Manvir,

    Thank you for giveing response.

    Manually we can configure alert by "Alert Me" option.

    How we can alert for a list item or document using Object model?

    We have requirement like in document library we have column called "Expire".

    User should get alert before 1 day.

    I have developed a web part where user will browse the document and upload.

    So i need to append the code for alerts there.

    Please help us.


    Wednesday, July 07, 2010 7:57 AM
  • If you want to ask about how to do things using the object model, you should clearly state this in the original post and in the Title.

    Otherwise you waste the time of people responding to you with a good (normal - not object model) answer.


    I'm now going to change the title to include "object model".  Please in future if you post such a question include something similar in the Title and Text.





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  • Akhilesh,

    For that you write workflow or timer job.

    Thanks & Regards, Neerubee
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  • Hi, Akhilesh


          As neerubee suggested, creating a custom timer job to monitor the “Expire” document and set the alert seem to be more closer to your needs.

          You can follow the following walk through for creating a custom time job, you can implement the code logic there(loop expired SPListItem daily and send alert by code).

          Creating Custom Timer Jobs in Windows SharePoint Services 3.0:

          Creating Custom SharePoint Timer Jobs :

          Hope this can help.


     Best Regards,


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