How to create a list item and automatically get it related to another list item?



    Hi all,


    I'm going to create a simple case management application with two lists, a list of cases and a list of tasks. Each task much belong to a specific case, so there will be a lookup column on the task content type that points to cases.


    On the display form for cases, I will add a web part to display the related tasks for the specific case. This is easy to achieved by just editing the form and adding "Related list".


    From the related tasks web part I want to be able to add new tasks to the case. However, when clicking the add button, I just get the default new form for tasks, where I need to select the case manually through the drop down. Is there any way to get this value pre-populated when creating a task through the case page?  Ideally, the user never needs to set or change this field - it should be set only once when creating the task related to a case.


    Any ideas on how to move forward?




    Tuesday, January 05, 2010 12:23 PM