Workflow on task list, starts on first task but not subsequent tasks. RRS feed

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  • I sure hope someone can help with this one. I have a customer that needed an approval workflow, but they wanted every person involved in the approval process to receive a reminder email every three days that reminds them that they have an incomplete task waiting.

    I have a three part approval workflow that I have built on a SP list. The three workflows function beautifully, creating tasks in the workflow task list as they should.

    In addition, I have created a workflow on the task list wherein this list is to check the status of the task to see if it has been completed or not. The workflow is set to start whenever a New Item is Created or if an Item is Changed. A new item is also created via this workflow, on a separate list titled ApprovalHelper.  The purpose of the ApprovalHelper list is to serve as a modifier to the workflow task list. Whenever a new item is created in the helper list, yet another workflow kicks off that pauses for 3-days, then it updates a counter on the ApprovalHelper item, that value is then stored in a variable and the Workflow task is then updated. This then starts the email reminder check process again accomplishing a loop that will terminate when the task is completed.

    It is important to note that the Email Reminder workflow runs on the task and then completes.

    THE PROBLEM: Everything works beautifully until the first approver approves their task. At that point the approval moves onto the next person and that workflow starts, creating a new item on the Workflow Task list. However, the Email Reminder workflow on the task list does not start.

    Any insight that anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated. I'm at my wits end and the customer was hoping to have this 2-weeks ago. Thanks!


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