Applescript for slideshow resizing.


  • I'm trying to resize the slideshow window using applescript and Powerpoint 2011 for Mac. In the past I've used Vba to do the job, but here it seems impossible to do. The script is:

    tell application "Microsoft PowerPoint"

    set show type of slide show settings of active presentation to slide show type speaker

    set theSSW to run slide show slide show settings of active presentation

    set height of theSSW to 300

    set width of theSSW to 400

    end tell

    (the script above is directly copied from Applescriptref pdf)

    The problem is that the slideshow window is cropped but not resized, that is making me crazy. 


    Maybe i found also a bug, if i change  the slide show type to WINDOW, Applescript resizes it well but mouse advance is mysteriously disabled !?!?

    For this i found a solution, but i can't apply it at runtime. If I rename the extension of presentation to zip, and navigate into ppt folder and open "presProp.xml" i found that Applescript add "showStatus= 0" in a node of xml. If i delete it, the mouseclick is enabled again. 

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