how to make time picker in infopath 2010 in SP 2010 RRS feed

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  • question is the same as the title. I like to set the time as dropdown list, so that the user can select time and minute.

    I try to seperate it in few section, but I can't combine all the sections into date time formate. 

    Can anyone give a tip/ example?

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  • Ok, so you're talking about SharePoint 2010, and this is the pre-2010 forum.  I wil now move it, but please pay attention to where you're creating your thread in the future.  Thanks!

    Why does the lower part of this thread talk about Group Calendars?  What is the relevance to a time picker in InfoPath?

    If you want to have a time dropdown, then you won't be able to use an actual date/time field.  You'll have to use a two text fields with one bound to a Date Picker (for picking the date) and the other bound to a dropdown that either has manually-entered options or that pulls from a list somewhere else (SharePoint list, external database, XML file, web service, etc.).  As long as you use a Date Picker for the Date text field, then the Date portion of the final value will be in the correct format (YYYY-MM-DD).  So, you then have to concatenate the time to the date to get proper ISO format for your ACTUAL Date/Time field if you choose to have one.

    The VALUES of your Time dropdown must be in this format: HH:MM:SS.  So, for 1AM, you'd have a Value of "01:00:00" and a Display Name of "1 AM."

    Lastly, you use a rule (one on each text field with conditions that both fields are not blank) to concatenate the Date and Time values together with the letter "T" between them.  The resulting final Date/Time value in ISO format would be "YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS"

    As a re-cap

    • Fields: 2 Text Fields and a Date/Time Field (optional)
    • Controls: Date Picker (Text), Dropdown (Text), Date/Time (Date/Time)
    • Date format required: YYYY-MM-DD (automatic if using a Date Picker control)
    • Time format required: HH:MM:SS (must enforce this Value in the dropdown options)
    • Date/Time final format required: YYYY-MM-DDTHH:MM:SS (use the concat function with the letter "T" between the Date and Time)

    I have no idea why the Group Calendar mess is in her, so I'm deleting it.  Create another thread in the proper forum if you wish to discuss, but be advised that we are not Microsoft, and these forums are for us to provide HELP to you in our free time with no pay - we do it out of kindness, so please keep that in min when lashing out with hate and rage.


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