How to remove Security Warning from Access .accde application using 2010 Runtime (Trusted Location error)


  • Hi

    Hope there is an easy fix for this. 

    I created an Access 2010 .accde file. The app runs under Access 2010 Runtime. Users have Office 2010 Standard installed as well. The app opens OK, but it gives the user a security warning message about not being a trusted location when they start the app. I know how to resolve it with the accdb when using the full version of Access by adding the folder to the Trusted Locations using the option available in Access.  Don't see an option for the .accde using runtime. How do I resolve it?. The app is located on one of the client's network drives.

     This app needs to be rolled out to a lot of users. 

    Help is greatly appreciated.


    Sunday, October 21, 2012 11:23 PM


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