Access 2010 - run time error 3035 - System resource exceeded


  • I moved a program access  .Mdb on a Macbook pro windows 7 64 bit with installed Access 2010.
    The program creates a local table data from various fishing some linked tables to the database, some are linked tables to excel and other local SQL tables The problem is that after a while that processes access 2010 returns the error "run time error 3035 - System resource exceeded "the block occurs at random is not always the same query that crashes if I click debug, and then within the F8 to continue processing the query and then go hang after a few queries.

    If launch elaborations smaller the program goes considered that the table which generates does not exceed 40000 rows and the database is smaller than 1GB.

    The strange thing is that the program works perfectly on another macbook pro (hardware less powerful) with the same configuration windows 7 64 bit and Access 2010, I tried to increase the timeout for the DDE, I tried to compact and repair the  database but the error always comes out.

    If launch processing smaller the program is considered that the table that generates does not exceed 40000 rows.

    I await your precious help.

    Thanks so much in advance.



    Thursday, May 16, 2013 1:29 PM


  • Hello MG,

    If your program did not work at all I would say that there is a problem with your program.  But since it runs on one machine and not the other I suspect there is either corruption of your database on one machine or a difference in the configuration of Office or Windows on the two machines.

    I would first repair the database by clicking on Database Tools on the ribbon, then Compact and Repair Database.

    If this does not resolve the problem do a repair installation of Office 2010 and be sure that all Office 2010 and Windows updates have been applied by clicking Start, All Programs, then Windows Update.


    Friday, May 17, 2013 3:31 PM