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  • Menu items added to the Contact card context menu via ContextMenuContactCardRecipient seem to be unreliable. Has anyone else experienced this behaviour?

    After opening and closing a few (other) objects in Outlook (i.e opening Inspectors), the icons disappear and the menu items stop responding to all events. They start working again in a new Explorer, but and sometimes when other objects are closed and re-opened. This seems to be reproducible even with a very simple add-in.

    The IRibbonUI is being kept in a class-level variable, but not much else. Is there something else which needs to be kept in scope?

    I originally thought that the problem seemed to be exacerbated by other add-ins not releasing objects properly, but as it stands I have isolated it down to a very simple add-in running in isolation, with everything else disabled, even most of the Microsoft ones.

    Additionally, there does not seem to be any way to force Outlook to invalidate the context-menu items. Even dynamicMenu items with invalidateContentOnDrop set to true seem to be flaky.
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