Can you import Pivot Tables that have already been created an Excel 2013 document into Sharepoint 2010? RRS feed

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  • Hello everyone,

    I'm looking into creating a dashboard for my team and my management structure that can be used to track/monitor/filter/etc our metrics. My manager provided me with an excel sheet with a gigantic amount of information in it, of which, are several pivot tables that track the teams workload, service tickets, escalations, severity of incidents, and just about every other possibly metric you could think of. That being said, my overall familiarity with pivot tables is lacking, and I'd rather not have to recreate all the pivot tables if I don't have to.

    Currently, to the particular site page, I have Full Control, Design, Contribute, Approve, Manage Hierarchy, Grant Access, and Records Center Web Service Submitters access.

    Is there anyway I can take the already created excel document and pivot tables and import them into SharePoint 2010 to have an interactive dashboard (ie - the management team has full functionality to the pivot table filters and views FROM SharePoint, not needing to just open the excel document)?

    I'm sure I'm missing plenty of data and information, but hopefully there's enough here to get started... I'm new to this, haven't worked much with sharepoint from a design/management stance, nor with pivot tables (I'm a simple peon), so I'm trying to flap my arms fast enough to stay above water...


    EDIT - So after looking around online to see what exactly I wanted to do with it, I realized that the way the Excel data is setup and the Pivot Tables and whatnot are presented, the Excel Workbook has a few Sheets that are already set up almost identical to what I'm looking for (essentially, as an Excel Dashboard). That is what I'm looking at replicating in SharePoint. Being able to launch the particular SharePoint page and have it pull straight into the dashboard view...
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  • SharePoint is lots of things, but it's not a Spreadsheet. It's hardly a database as well. A pivot table, at least an active one, like what's in Excel, is functionality that is programmed in Excel. SharePoint doesn't do that. 

    SharePoint provides a glass tube, called Excel Web Services, that allows displaying content from a spreadsheet, through a web part, onto a SharePoint web page. The user can interact through the web page, as if they're using Excel.

    Data can be stored in SharePoint lists, and can feed an Excel file, but the actual reporting requires using Excel, Tableau, Power BI, etc. 

    Friday, July 24, 2020 6:53 PM