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  • My mother, who is not computer savvy, revised a Word
    document using the "track changes" option. She had many end notes, and she moved
    paragraphs around that referred to end-notes, she also added new end-notes,
    sometimes she deleted the end-notes in a way that I find questionable - she went
    to the end-note and hit the delete key until all the letters were red. She also
    ran into problems where the entire end-note would be formatted as a superscript,
    or subscript, and she tried to correct those. Anyway, I made a copy of the
    document, I implemented "accept all changes" and then she worked on it, until
    she suddenly noticed that the end-note numbering was wrong. She would have
    end-note numbering such as 34, 35, 36, and all of a sudden 1,2,3. and then
    37,38,39 In fact, there are two end-notes with the same number '4', for
    instance. I can't find any way to renumber it. She says that the end-note that
    starts with one (after the 36) was simply a new note that she added.
    I did notice one thing - when I click the 'show formatting' icon on the home ribbon, the more recent set of footnotes have squares around the numbers.

    Help is much appreciated.

    Thursday, April 11, 2013 9:46 PM

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