How to: Rich Text Content Controls (Word 2016) --> access db --> Word Report (RichTextContentControls) RRS feed

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  • Hello guys,

    I try to write a Word 2016 Add-In which gives me the possibility to extract RichTextContentControls (Text + Formatting), save it in an access database (data should be readable) and then export it again into a word-report with empty, tagged richTextContentControls. Also you should know I use Access-Forms to put in additional data into the db, which can not be extracted from word files.
    As far as my reasearch has gone, I know I can export the plain text with Range.Text (Problem: No formatting) and the formatted data with Range.WordOpenXML (not readable, I would need 2 datafields in db for 1 rtfContentControl), or maybe access can display WordOpenXML as rich text?. 
    So I was asking myself if there is any better way to do this or some tweaks or tipps you could give me to make this task easier?

    Thank you very much in advance :)

    Montag, 12. November 2018 08:45