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  • Hi,

    i try get CalendarEvents , the Events today and the next days, i didn't check what's the problem exactly,

    my App gets the Data with the given Url i test in the Graph Explorer, it seems always return UTC Time, i save the CalendarEvents in a Database, before this i Add X Hours (+3) , then the Time is okay, but i can't figure out what must i request / do for the IsAllDay , AddHours? ..

    I Created the Calendar Events with Outlook 365, Calendar App or WebCalendar, when i creating it's my timezone, but when i request, then i get other time.

    So 2 Questions:

    - Can i Request via API Url my time?

    - What must / can i do with the obtained time after get the Request so i have my Events Times and Date like in Outlook Calendar ?

    I Use the beta Graph API !



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    Dienstag, 9. April 2019 17:33

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  • Ok ok ok...

    I must Convert first my time to UniversalTime ...

    But i having always the question how get all events for the Same Day...

    Saying i have an event on 1:00 a.m on the 10.04.19 at Local Time.

    This at UTC is 23:00 p.m. on 09.04.19.

    If now i would list all the Events for today(09.04.19), it lists this event because now at local time is the 09.04. And Tommorrow the Event doesn't appear in list because it has 09.04...

    hmm ?


    Dienstag, 9. April 2019 18:51