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  • hey folks, 

    I have only recently started working on Lync client development, and managed to created basic solutions like pushing data into SharePoint, creating Pop-ups etc. 

    Now I have been asked to create a "call center" sort of solution and don't know where to start.   (we are a non for profit organization so we can't afford buying a third party solution)  

    This solution is divided in two main parts:  

    call center like experience for the person calling - be prompt to hit a key to be directed to the right place,  put a call on a queue until the call is taken by a team member,  listen to some information before the call is taken etc.

    There other bit would be the managing all the information that a call generate, in other words, the stats. Who called, what for, was the issue resolved or not etc..

    The second part even though I haven't done it, I'm not to worry about, given that I have already integrated Lync with SharePoint, so I could potentially use SP to store and mange the information and stats.  However the call center "behavior" is something I have no idea how to do and I (and my organization!) would greatly appreciate if you could point me in the right direction so I can get started ASAP.



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