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  • If you’ve decided to delete your Amazon account permanently because of any reason.User can do that do it very quickly. Especially if you want to delete all your history from amazon account in such cases closing the amazon account is the only option. However, if you’re going to hide some of your order histories, you can archive and manage account very quickly instead of deleting your account.

    Why we usually Delete Amazon account
    Deleting all your order history could be one most prominent reason to cancel your amazon account. Still, people may have many other reasons.


    o close it like they are moving from one place to another where Amazon services are not available or because of its Hr controversial policies, security issues, etc.
    It’s also a perfect idea to remove it if you’re not going to use it for a long time to avoid stealing any crucial information.

    Consequences of Deleting Amazon Account?
    User not be able to access any sites that in case requires amazon account such as Amazon associates, amazon web services, amazon pay accounts, etc.
    The contents related to the amazon digital like amazon music, amazon prime photos, amazon app store purchases, prime videos, kindle purchases, etc. will be deleted permanently and unrecoverable as well.
    Your account history includes credit information, order history, etc. will be vanished.
    As the user is implementing this process the refunds and returned will also be removed.
    If you have any unused gift card or you have any promotional credit balance, you’ll lose all.
    All reviews, discussions, posts, images that you received/posted will be gone.
    This will not only stop your basic account that you are using for buying or placing orders. However also  also, you’ll no longer be able to access any account-related info once you deleted your account.
    Alternatives Instead of Deleting the Account
    Sometimes we want to cancel Amazon prime, change our email address, remove your payment method, it is possible to do all that without deleting account as well. Like;

    If you are deleting it because you don’t want some of the prime benefits so you can change your membership plan within 2 or 3 days of subscription
    You don’t order much from Amazon but do like its streaming services, you can get prime video membership only.
    If you don’t want to reflect on some of your order histories, you can archive some of it.
    In short, instead of deleting your account permanently, you can manage your account, and if needed, any support – customer service is already available.

    Steps to Delete Amazon Account Permanently

    Anyhow, if you are okay with all the losses and you are willing to close it forever. User can do that in case it is not noticed that the amazon is amazon is out of those ventures which are not allowing to delete it very quickly. It may be an annoying process.

    To delete your account user will need to follow the below required steps:

    Open Amazon homepage
    Scroll down and come to the footer of the page
    Click help option available in the list.
    Then select Browsehelp topics click Need More Help> Contact Us
    Now there will be four topics. Choose Prime or something else
    On the same page, a drop-down list will appear under Tell us more about your issue> Login security
    Above one will lead you to another drop-down menu. Select “close my account”
    Then it will redirect you to the contact support team. Out of which, either you can select an email option, phone, or chat. However, the chat option we recommend as the best one because it is quick. Their executives are very quick after giving consent to close an account; they will send you a mail and gives you a confirmation of the same on the chat itself.

    Your account may be at the process of deleting the amount account which take 24-hrs

    . And if you’re lucky enough, it may take lesser time.

    What if you want to reuse Amazon Services Again?
    Let us say if you deleted and you want to get the access back of amazon.In such cases the user can do  that  but not with the same account as there will be no option to recover it. However, you can make a new account and enjoy it back.

    Friday, December 11, 2020 11:20 AM