User provisioning for iOS and Android devices (NOT using a federated login, such as Facebook, OpenID Google ID)


  • I'm new to the whole cloud thing...

    I'm trying to figure if I can implement user provisioning on Windows Azure in the way we need.

    I'm looking to develop a iOS / Android app that requires the user to login using a user name and password that we create for them (NOT a federated login - Facebook, OpenID, Google ID). 

    The user would go to our web page hosted on Windows Azure first and pay for a subscription and then we create a user name and password in our Azure account for them.

    The user can then use their iPhone / Android  phone to login to our app and access the services that they paid for. These services would mostly be storage of photos and what feature of the iOS / Android app they are allowed to use.

    Is this easily done with Windows Azure?

    Can Windows Azure also change our customer a monthly fee?

    Can the user name / password be easily managed? By us and the user?

    Thanks for your time.


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  • Hi GeoSpatialExperts,

    What you're asking here isn't something you would get by default. You would need to develop a web role to support payments and user registration and management (if you use ASP.NET MVC, you could reuse the user account / registration part).

    For the subscriptions part you might also want to look at the Windows Azure Marketplace (this allows you to 'sell' SAAS applications):

    Hope this helps.


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