How can I print Excel Web Access web part's contents only?


  • Scenario - I have PowerPivot Workbook, I open it in Excel Web Access web part and update its data changing slicer values then I want to take print of this updated sheet direct from browser?

    Question - Is there any way to print the updated contents of EWA web part only not the whole page?

    2012년 6월 12일 화요일 오후 3:20


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  • Go to file (in the webpart), and "Download a Snapshot."  This should provide you with a snapshot of what you have done in the Excel webpart, which you can subsequently print.
    2012년 6월 12일 화요일 오후 5:41
  • Thanks Josh for your reply!

    But I want to take the print directly from browser, not opening it in the Excel client and then printing it. Is there any way I can print EWA contents programmatically using javascript or any browser based approach?


    2012년 6월 12일 화요일 오후 6:42
  • Hello!

    Create new page, add your webpart and adjust it.

    Add parameter to url: "IsDlg=1" (e.g. "http://x33/Lists/MyList/AllItems.aspx?IsDlg=1") - your page opens using minimal master page (without ribbon and navigation bars), so you will be able to print it from browser.

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