window 10 iot core 설치 패키지 압축을 풀지 못했습니다 RRS feed

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    라즈베리파이3에 WINOW IOT를 설치 하려 하는데 제목과 같이 알람이 발생 됩니다.

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    2016년 12월 19일 월요일 오후 12:42


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    Troubleshooting Install issues

    Error: Failed to unpack Windows 10 IoT Core installation package

    If your installation fails with the above message then you need to run the setup.exe using the Administrator account. This error message could appear even if you are logged in as a user who has administrator rights; it has to be the Administrator user.

    Please note that by default the Administrator account is disable in Windows 10. You need to first enable the Administrator account. The easiest way to do this is:

    • Open a command prompt and run the command lusrmgr
    • Click on Users in the left pane, then right click on Administrator user and select properties.
    • Uncheck the box "Account is disabled" and Click OK.
    • Right Click on Adminsitrator User again and select set password to set a new password for this user.
    • Now log out and log in as Administrator user and start the install.

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