In Normal mapping(Bump Mapping), what does green color mean in DirectX (or LHS) ? RRS feed

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  • DirectX is left-handed system, and OpenGL is right-handed system.

    And then, I know that normal map's green color channel means Y vector(Binormal coordinate) values.

    So, I think that, in Diret3D (LHS), if the Y value of normal map's vector is positive, green color is negative.

    (Actually, green color must be larger than 0, "Negative value of green color" means smaller than 128.)


    But, in many samples of DirectX or OpenGL, some samples uses green color channel as "-Y" value, and other samples uses green color channel as "+Y" value.

    [original texture]


    [height map]


    [normal map A: LHS? RHS?]


    [normal map B: LHS? RHS?]


    In that case, which normal map is LHS texture? A? B?


    (I think that A is LHS normal map, but some DirectX samples use B as normal map.)




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