3609 Error occure when database change to single user mode RRS feed

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  • Hi there,

    We use mssql 2k12 std edition for service and standby server and using customized Log-shipping script for failover.

    We change database to single user mode with rollback immediate option for disconnecting all sessions.

    Before 2012 we have no problems with this processes.

    But with 2012 we have a problem.

    Alter DATABASE [dbname] set filestream( NON_TRANSACTED_ACCESS = OFF)

    This gives you a same effect of enabling filestream option to your database.

    and after this altering database 

    following scripts will occur 3609 error.

    alter database [dbname] set read_only;

    alter database [dbname] set single_user with rollback immediate; -- 3609 error

    If you want to work-around this problem you need access to DAC mode and delete some system table values.

    They say it's "BY DESIGN". but this it's ridiculous why they update system table without any notice to user?

    Does anybody have same problems as mine?

    2014년 12월 23일 화요일 오후 1:54