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  • Hello~

    How can I sharing session Web Browser control and  Internet Explorer ??

    Actually, I delvelping some meshup solution.

    The solution will combine a client program and  a website

    So, The client program use Web Browser control(=C)  and open the website(=A).

    Then the webiste(=A) will open another web site(=B) for something.

    But, I have a trouble when I open web site(=B);

    Because, session is different Web browser control(=C) session and web site(=B);

    So, How can I sharing session with web browser control and new web site ???



    2012년 6월 7일 목요일 오후 9:45

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  • Hi pluzone, Welcome to MSDN.

    There are two cookies. one is Session cooke ("non-persistent cooke") and another one is Persistent cookie.

    Session cookies
    - Session cookies ("non-persistent cookie") are cookies that only exist as long as your session on the web site lasts and expires as soon as you leave the website. The primary purpose of session cookies is to help with navigation, such as by indicating whether or not you've already visited a particular page and retaining information about your preferences once you've visited a page. So session cookies are used to facilitate your activities within that site.

    Persistent cookies
    - The second type of cookies is "persistent cookies". Persistent cookies are stored on your computer in order to recognize user and retain his/her personal preferences when he/she returns to a website. E.g. because of persistent cookies a website remembers your name and password on protected login pages, your email address appears by default when you open your Yahoo! or Hotmail email account, or your personalized home page appears when you visit your favorite online merchant. Persistent cookies exist beyond the life of your Internet session and may live for months or years. In most browsers, you can adjust the length of time that persistent cookies are stored.

    I suggest that you use IECookieView that analize cookies if you don't know where the cookies from.

    Beginner's Guide to ASP.NET Cookies


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