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  • C# 윈폼으로 바코드를 출력하는 프로그램을 공부하고 있습니다.

    바코드를 이미지화 하여 출력하는 것은 성공 했는데 바코드의 사이즈가 작아지면 정상적으로 스캔이 안되더라구요

    아직 모르는 것이 많아 해결을 못하는 것인지.. 각설하고, 프린터가 내장하고 있는 폰트를 사용하는 방법을 알고 싶습니다.

    프린터 속성에서 폰트를 등록 해놓고 등록한 폰트를 사용 하고자 함 인데요

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    Font Substitution Dialog

    Screen fonts are normally sent to the printer as graphics unless they have
    been previously downloaded to the printer.  The number of fonts that may be
    downloaded is limited by printer memory, and some printers do not even support
    downloading fonts.

    This dialog allows you to substitute screen fonts with printer-resident
    fonts.  This will achieve the faster print speeds of resident fonts without
    requiring you to alter your existing documents or download any fonts.  This
    feature can also be used to design generic documents that can print on multiple
    printer families.

    Font Substitution

    • Screen Font (source).  Select a screen font that you wish to
      substitute with a printer font.  TrueType, OpenType and PostScript screen fonts
      are supported.  A preview of the selected screen font is displayed below.

    • Printer Font (target).  Select the printer font you wish to
      substitute for the source font.  In general, you should choose the printer font
      that most closely resembles the screen font.  The printer font may be either a
      bitmap or scalable font.  Scalable fonts are generally better to use when
      substituting since they may scale to any point size.  When substituting a screen
      font with a bitmap font, the driver will choose the closest available size,
      which in some cases may differ greatly from the desired point size.

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