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    접근성 기술 관련해서 관심이 많고 적용해볼려고 시도하고 있습니다. 

    windows edge브라우저 접근성 기술 관련하여 정리된 문서가 있는지 궁굼하여 문의드립니다. 

    aria 기술에 국한된 문서가 아니어도 현재 버전에서 접근성 가이드라인이 있는지 확인하고 싶어서 문의드립니다. 

    IE11(레거시브라우저)와 달라진 접근성 가이드라인이 있다면 어떤것인지 알수 있을까요? 

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    문의 하신 "windows Edge브라우저 접근성기술 관련하여 정리된 문서가 있는지 문의"에 대한 답변을 드리겠습니다.

    다음 문서들은 Edge의 웹 접근성을 구글링한 결과 입니다.
    Rendering engine updates in March for the Windows 10 Technical Preview
    Release of the Windows 10 Edge Browser – What it Means for Accessibility and ARIA Support in IE

    This is what the Edge browser has become, and it will automatically tie into the Windows Accessibility API so that new technologies such as ARIA will work better than they ever did in Internet Explorer.
    As such, ARIA compliant interactive widget designs will continue to improve and become more powerful and accessible within Edge and other browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, and Safari, but will become increasingly less accessible within Internet Explorer as time goes on and the gap steadily widens.
    Secondly, since JAWS still holds the majority of the screen reader market for non-sighted users worldwide, there will likely be a shift from the majority of Internet Explorer usage to that of Firefox upon pre-Windows 10 operating systems, since Edge will not be available on those systems for users of JAWS. This shift will be necessary, because web technologies will become increasingly advanced, in many ways integrating directly with the platform operating system to provide feature-rich experiences for users that are designed to be accessible at the same time. However, none of these new features will work the same using Internet Explorer.
    As developers, designers, and implementers of accessible web technologies, we all need to be aware of these new developments, and how they will shape our efforts in the future.

    주로 IE에 대한 설명입니다.
    Web Developmet > Accessibility

    Developing Accessible Web Applications
    Developing Accessible Web Applications is a set of articles and samples meant to provide web developers, as well as others in the application development process, with the information needed to develop web applications that are accessible to all users.
    Introduction to ARIA
    This topic introduces Accessible Rich Internet Applications (ARIA) markup. You learn how widgets, a term ARIA uses to describe HTML controls, are used to make accessible custom UI controls such as buttons and menus. You also learn how to use ARIA's landmark roles for navigation and live regions for dynamic content areas.
    About Active Accessibility Support
    This article provides an overview of Microsoft Active Accessibility SDK support provided by the MSHTML component of Windows Internet Explorer.
    Accessibility property change events
    Starting with Internet Explorer 11, Internet Explorer implements several custom Microsoft Active Accessibility (MSAA) property change events that enable Windows Narrator and other assistive technologies to provide users with notifications for when an auto-correction occurs or Input Method Editor (IME) actions happen.
    Accessible HTML Elements
    This section contains reference articles for working with accessible objects and features in Internet Explorer.

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    답변이 문제 해결에 도움이 되었다면 답변으로 채택을 부탁드립니다.
    하지만 문제 해결이 되지 않아서 정확한 답변을 원하는 경우에는 문제의 정보를 더 자세하게 답변으로 제공해주시기 바랍니다

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