Windows Compact 7 USB Mass Storage STALL Error RRS feed

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  • Hello,

    I'm developing a specific board which is on TI AM335x Processor And I'm facing on USB Mass Storage Device STALL Problem in AM335x OTG Driver to be Host.

    When I'm trying to use Only One USB Mass Storage Device of Bulk Endpoint, It works fine.

    But, When I'm trying to use 2 or More USB Mass Storage Device In Hub, It has occurred USB stall error or USB device no responding error.

    When I use only one USB Mass Storage in USB Hub and 2 or More HID Devices like keyboard, Mouse..,
    It works fine.

    I think It doesn't matter whether I use Hub or a lot of USB Devices.

    It is a matter to use 2 or more USB Mass storage of Bulk Type Endpoint.

    When I use more than two USB Mass Storage, it has been called CancelTransfer or AbortTransfer Function and Tear-Down request in Debug Mode.

    I can't expect the reason why it is.

    If you have other opinions, advice, and solutions, please let me know to reply.

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