3rd party "unified help" chms in VS


  • Hello,

    We integrate three applications with VS; each has a separate chm. For the next release, we plan to unify the apps and the helps, so the user will see only one app and one help.

    Because the Help is written in three countries, we're thinking merged chms, and the following sounds simple. However, I've found that using Help in VS is tricky, so want to ask your opinions. Do you think the following would work, or do you have better ideas for unified Help?

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    • A VS user clicks “Our Company App”.
    • User clicks Help, which opens to “Our Company App Help”, and appears to be a standard chm.
    • Under the covers, the master chm contains a book of common topics; the merged chms each retain their remaining,  unique content.
    • User clicks a common-type topic and a topic in the master chm opens.
    •  User clicks a unique-type topic and a topic from a unique chm is displayed.  

    Linda Cast

    2012년 3월 5일 월요일 오후 10:48

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  • Hi Linda

    If it's in VS 2010 then the new Help Viewer help is available.
    For VS 2002/2003/2005/2008 then the HxS (Help 2.0) help is available.

    Your app can of course bypass the VS native help and have separate CHM help. 
    The merging of CHMs is very good and works reliably. 

    CHMs allow you to do everything you have listed above.

    My documentation is here... Maybe read that and come back with questions



    Rob Chandler Help MVP http://Helpware.net/ http://mshcmigrate.helpmvp.com/

    2012년 3월 6일 화요일 오전 12:03