workspace를 만들수가 없네요... RRS feed

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  • workspace를 만들수가 없네요...

    power bi embeded를 하기 위해

    workspace를 만들어야 하는데요...

    등록화면이 안나오고 계속 아래와 같이 안내문구만 나옵니다.

    ---> 몇일째 고생하고 있네요..

    어떻게 해야 등록화면이 나오게 되나요?

    Get started with Power BI Embedded
    Power BI Embedded makes it easy for you to embed interactive visuals in your app. Use Power BI REST APIs to enumerate datasets and reports, provision datasets and reports, embed reports, and set connection strings and credentials programmatically. Offer your customers consistent, high-fidelity interactive data visualization experiences, rendered in HTML5, across any device. Learn more
    Get some hands-on experience with the Power BI – Report Embed Sample

    Get up and running in 3 easy steps:

    1 Setup the Embedded Analytics environment for development
    Setup your environment to be able to test your application. This involves making sure you have an Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) tenant. You may have an existing one or you can create a new one. Then you will want to create an Azure AD user and sign up for the Power BI service with that user. You will want to get that user a Power BI Pro license, register your app in Azure AD and then create an App Workspace in Power BI to publish your reports to.Learn more
    2 Embed content
    Integrate your Power BI content into your application using the Power BI REST APIs. You will need to authenticate using your Power BI account to embed your dashboards, reports and tiles. Learn more
    3 Promote your solution to production
    Once you are ready, register your application in your production environment. Be sure to follow the licensing rules to make your content accessible to your application users.Learn more

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