music + videos on the program stored in a list of video files you want to load. How do I do? RRS feed

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  • In my Windows phone Windows phones bring 'Cause I'm a movie stored on. (Including project developers, as opposed to a video file)

    If the picturesque
      MediaLibrary ml = new MediaLibrary ();
      PictureCollection pc = ml.Pictures;
    For loading the picture
    through the zone there any way to import video files stored?
    If you save through the zone in the store I thought a music + videos ...

    Music + videos I want to fetch the files stored on are it.

    How can we do about it?

    Windows phone to ask where the material because I do not really .. ㅠ

    Thank you again.

    And one more thing.

    Windows phones using skydrive If you put a pdf file is read into Windows phones come to know the Adobe Reader application.

    Programming as it can get a list of pdf files on there?

    2012년 7월 25일 수요일 오전 2:05