How to disable CD or DVD cache in windows XP ?!! RRS feed

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  • I've a large size medical image file on a DVD and whenever i try to get any data out of it, my program takes a long time before getting any result, however when i do the same but for an image in the hard disc, the result shows up in no time, i think when running on a DVD, windows caches the image into hard disc or ram first and that takes a long time.

    when i open the image for the second time from the DVD it works as if it is on hard disc.

    I would appreciate the feedback. Thank you very much 

    2010년 6월 29일 화요일 오전 11:13


  • Hi,

    This forum is actually for IMAPI burning API, not for CDROM reading issues.

    PS: Your actual wait time at first run is DVD read speed time. The caching time is negligible small, and system caching doesn't induce any extra read commands, so the system actually doesn't read whole file if your application doesn't request that.

    With Regards,

    2010년 7월 6일 화요일 오후 5:59