I found another bug in word vba. RRS feed

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  • I have found bug on word vba once.. but I found another one.

    if I press space key on the empty table cell, 

    with below code, the space key can be erased.

    Sub Experiment4()
        Dim MyTable As Table
        Set MyTable = ThisDocument.Tables(1)
        Dim i As Integer
        For i = 1 To MyTable.Range.Rows.Count
            MyTable.Cell(i, 1).Range.Select
    End Sub

    But, If I add space in front of existing lines,

    after I run code, the space was in front of lines can not be deleted, 

    I tried so many methods and functions to delete this space, but can not be deleted.

    How can I delete this space?

    2018년 6월 18일 월요일 오후 2:40