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  • I had tested the system on wlk 1.4. I show thw error message when i test the "Single Computer Display Object Test - Desktop". The error message is

    The following message is printed for a failure: “Devices were found that are part of the computer but were reported as removable from the computer.

    I don't understand it. When i tested the system, i don't connect the device. I just only connected the usb mouse, usb keyboard and moniter.

    Help me!   

    2009년 9월 30일 수요일 오전 1:36

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  • Is this question suitable for 'Windows Forms' forum?

    Anyway, I suggest you to look up the log file(ComputerSingleTest.xml). If the test fails, the devices that were reported as not being part of the computer will be listed in the log file.

    lancers, .netXpert

    2009년 10월 1일 목요일 오전 1:31