Unable to Find Custom BLE GATT service (UWP) RRS feed

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  • Laptop

    • I can scan my phone, using DeviceWatcher
    • I can start initiating connection with my phone, using await BluetoothLEDevice.FromIdAsync(myPhone.Id)
    • I can find the custom service, using await bluetoothLeDevice.GetGattServicesForUuidAsync(theUUID), BluetoothCacheMode.Uncached)
    • Works perfectly fine! I can read, write, get notification and so on


    • I can scan my phone (i.e. BLE scanning works fine)
    • I CANNOT start initiating connection with my phone UNLESS I pair with it beforehand
    • After pairing, I can start initiating connection, but I CANNOT find the custom service

    I checked with another custom app called BLE Tool (it's on Google Play Store; one can add services & characteristics & descriptors and change UUIDs), and found out this WORKS in desktop environment as well. I can find all services including my custom service.

    Even though I'm using the exact same UUID I used for my app!

    The most weird thing is that I can't even find Generic Attribute (0x1801) when I advertise using my app. (Reminder: I can find both GenAtt and my service in laptop environment)

    I'm so confused... I haven't changed a single line but it works on laptop and not on desktop......

    Does anybody know how to fix this?

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