Adding Comments/Notes to My Sites activity Feed


  • I have a need to be able to add comments to items in the activity feed to make it like other social sites. 

    I'm not really sure where to start and was thinking something like a new web part (I don't see a way around this as it will need to know how to display the new comments.  Would like to use the existing rendering features if possible but don't know enough about this to know if that is possible.)

    How to store / retrieve the comments is what seems the most difficult.  I was thinking I need a new table to store comments if there is not a built in feature for this with activities, I believe there is a mechanism for easily creating / retrieving comments but I believe it requires a URL which I don't think(I'm guessing here) that the activity feed item has.

    So what I am looking for information on how to do something like this.  I have thus far been unsuccessful in finding any useful information.

    2012년 4월 15일 일요일 오전 3:28