Custom Pagelayouts in Sharepoint 2010


  • I am trying to create a custom page layout in share point designer 2010 with publishing template, i am okay doing with Team site. Actually i need two columns (left column and right column) with left column larger and right column smaller. Basically in the left column i want to add a content first then bottom of that content i want add a web part and in right column, web part first and content under that. 

    In team site there is Text layout option where we have option to choose one column and one sidebar, with that i can easily do it, but how can we proceed that same thing with Publishing SharePoint site?

    2012년 5월 4일 금요일 오후 4:33


  • You can create your custom page Layout with the required format,

    Please go through the above link to create a new custom page layout, 

    follow the same steps upto step 6, after that you can add your own structure as mentioned above under the PlaceholderMain contentplaceholder,

    as you need two column layout you can go with the <table> or <div>  whichever you are comfortable with,

    create the structure like, 

            <td>left column[add webpart zone]</td>
            <td>right column[add webpart zone]</td>

    this will form your two column layout. complete the remaining steps in the above article.

    Once done, you can use this custom page layout to create new pages which will have above mentioned structure.

    Please Mark Post as Answer once you get the solution for your issues.

    Kunal Govani

    2012년 5월 5일 토요일 오전 9:34