Sharing content source app sample ( Senario 4 is not working well on ARM device) RRS feed

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  • you can download the source code in MS Samples Web Page.

    Windows 8 RT ,C# & Xaml


    1. build source code and make package.

    2. install the package. ( Do not use VS debug mode, in this case, it works fine.)

    3. Select Senario 4(Share files).

    4. click select files and then select about 100 files.

    5. and then share the files using charms.


    I can select a shareable program.

    [Actual result]
    The app can not share right now.

    How many files user can select to use "Share" feature?

    Is there any limitation count?

    2013년 2월 27일 수요일 오후 1:32