Temp Folders 'MSIxxxxx.tmp' create at root directory RRS feed

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  • Hi.
    some problem.

    1. On the network drive, a temporary file "MSIxxxxx.temp" get created. (z:\MSIxxxxx.temp)

    i would like to know when and how it get created. (I think it happens when using MS OFFICE)

    2. I also would like to know if this happens because the temp directory 'write' privilege is set as blocked. 
    Is the temp folder created on the Network drive directory due to the use of MS OFFICE on the network drive? 

    2015년 7월 1일 수요일 오전 7:39


  • Hi jonggyue,

    I've found silmilar case below link. Accodring to below MSI####.tmp folders are not related with MS Office.
    Huge amount of MSI####.tmp folders being generated into Windows\installer?

    Windows temp [file was filling up with a failed windows update. The update was generating 400+ Mb files each time it tried, and then failed to install. As installation wasn't completed, temporary files were not deleted.

    Manually installed outstanding updates and then disabled windows automatic update (system is not connected to the net and XP isn't supported anymore anyway).

    System has now stopped generating the files.

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