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  • I am trying to figure out how to best use Notes in Dynamics CRM. With the added complexity of attaching notes to individual contacts, companies along with added new entities, is there a way to aggregate them all in one place?

    Are notes searchable? What sort of best practises recommendations do you have to finding notes? We are implementing a company wide transistion to using Dynamics and need to establish some ways of keeping track of notes, attaching them to the correct entities (multiple usually).
    Look forward to any suggestions.


    2010년 8월 4일 수요일 오전 12:02

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  • I generally encourage Notes only for non-actionable events.  I think you want to encourage your users to leverage activities for almost all events or interaction with records.  Notes are good for attaching documents to records but since it requires extra clicks to get to the information, I lean toward leveraging activities.

    Yes, you can search notes, you can aggregate them in reports and you can build customization to display the notes on the regarding entity.  Given that, I still encourage their limited use.

    Regards, Donna

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    2010년 8월 4일 수요일 오전 3:08
  • I agree with Donna -- good advice. You can even do advanced find on notes, but I've found that activities provide a better structure when you need to consume the data you've stored, long term.
    Phil Edry – Altriva Solutions –
    2010년 8월 4일 수요일 오전 5:12